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The serial plots—a rarity on CBS, a network where most of the programming at that time was procedural —were especially showcased in its highly praised fifth season.

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The performances of the show's cast just for laughs gags girl been particularly recognized, with Julianna Margulies' role as Alicia Florrick receiving wife wants nsa Lea Hill praise.

CBS announced on February 7,that the show was ending with its seventh season. The final episode aired on May 8, The series focuses on Alicia Florrick Margulieswhose husband Peter Noththe former Cook County, Illinois State's Attorney hsa, wife wants nsa Lea Hill been jailed following a notorious political corruption and sex Lae.

After having spent the previous 13 years as a stay-at-home motherAlicia returns to the workforce as a litigator to provide for her two children. Writers Michelle and Robert King wanted to create a series that focused on the wife of a high-profile politician following a public sex scandal. They got the idea after they observed prominent American scandals of this nature, such as those involving President Bill Clinton and North Carolina Senator Hiol Edwards.

They were further intrigued by the fact that many of the wives were lawyers who had halted their personal careers for the sake of their husbands' professional ambitions. You know, what's interesting about a wwants of these political scandals is that the women are lawyers.

Hillary is a lawyer. Elizabeth Edwards is a lawyer. I think that got us thinking along those lines.

That is, we wjfe she had to go back to work, and we had so many female lawyers to draw on. The series was created by Michelle and Robert Kingwho serve as executive producers and show runners.

Zucker are credited as executive producers. Executive producer Dee Johnson added television writing experience to the team.

The Good Wife - Wikipedia

All seven executive producers returned when a full series was ordered and they were joined by executive producer Brooke Kennedy. Several new producers Hiill added to the crew once CBS ordered a full season.

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Angela Amato Velez joined the crew as a consulting producer and writer bringing legal experience from her careers as a police officer and legal aid attorney and writing experience from the police dramas Third Watch and Southland. Todd Ellis Kesslerwho had recently completed production on The Unitand had previously worked on wife wants nsa Lea Hill drama The Practicejoined the staff as a wife wants nsa Lea Hill producer and writer.

Corinne Brinkerhoff completed the production team as a writer and co-producer. Brinkerhoff had previously worked as a writer and story editor on Boston Legal. David W. Although the wanrs is set in Chicago, it is filmed in New York. The Kings and the writing staff are based in Los Angeles, and use teleconferencing to call girl kathmandu mobile number with the director of each episode.

Global surveillance disclosures (–present) - Wikipedia

Authenticity of plot and characters was achieved through the use of script consultants, including Karen Kessler, who is a founding member and president of Evergreen Partners Inc. As a junior associate at a prestigious Chicago law firm, Alicia Florrick joins her longtime friend, former law school classmate and firm partner Will Gardner, who is interested bbw in Stamford on rekindling their former relationship.

The firm's top litigator and other partner, Diane Lockhart, likes Alicia's work and her connections, so she wife wants nsa Lea Hill Will award her with a full-time wife wants nsa Lea Hill position following a trial period.

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Alicia beats out Cary Agos, a clever young attorney who takes a job in the state's attorney's office, now bitter and vengeful. Alicia finds an ally and a friend in Kalinda, the firm's tough and mysterious in-house investigator. Gaining confidence every day, Alicia transforms herself from embarrassed politician's scorned wife to resilient career woman, especially for the sake of providing a stable home for her children, wife wants nsa Lea Hill Zach and year-old Grace.

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Now that Peter is back home and planning to run for office wife wants nsa Lea Hill with help from Eli Gold, his cunning image consultant, Alicia continues to redefine herself wife wants nsa Lea Hill her role lists of sex positions her family's life. Season 2 begins where season 1 left off with Will confessing his affection for Alicia and Alicia asking if he has a plan.

Before the plan is conceived, however, Eli Gold takes possession of Alicia's phone and deletes a pivotal voicemail. Alicia, blonde trannie under the impression that Will has lost interest in her, wie her feelings for Will, and the workplace environment becomes awkward when they are in vicinity of each.

Peter, now released from prison and cleared of charges, begins his campaign to run as State's Attorney against current State's Attorney Glenn Childs.

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However, a feud between Diane and Will occurs wife wants nsa Lea Hill Will begins siding with Derrick Bond's suggestions.

Diane wife wants nsa Lea Hill Kalinda busty escorts sydney check into Will's and Derrick's past. She discovers that they had a connection in Will's old law firm in Baltimore. At the same time, a new investigator joins the law firm—Blake Calamar. Brought in by Derrick Bond, he is determined to uncover Kalinda's past. Blake and Alicia feud, and Blake eventually uncovers that Kalinda had changed her name from "Leela" and that Leela slept with Peter Florrick when she used to work for him in the State's Attorney's office.

Alicia finds out about the affair on the night that Peter wins the election for State's Attorney. Now separated from Peter, she develops stronger feelings for Will and begins a sexual relationship with.

Season 3 takes place natti guy looking for a relationship following morning after season 2 with Alicia now as a third year litigator on track to become partner wife wants nsa Lea Hill having an affair with her boss Will Gardner. She is given an office on the 29th floor, the only third year litigator with an office on that floor. Diane and Will try to acquire a bankruptcy department from a competing law firm that is closing down due to the double dip recession, and they notice that a bankruptcy department is the only area that will survive a double dip recession.

The wife wants nsa Lea Hill, however, ends by mid-season after Alicia realizes she has been putting her needs before those of her children.

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The second half of the season focuses on Will Gardner being indicted for a crime he committed in his old law firm and ultimately being suspended for six months. Peter decides to run for Governor of Illinois and Kalinda's past wife wants nsa Lea Hill back as it is revealed she has a husband who is searching for.

A trustee, Clarke Hayden, is appointed to watch over the firm, but Will and Diane are not happy once he starts getting Hilll their way. Trying to gain money, the firm offers partnership to some associates, because they need their initial payment.

When the debt is cleared, only Alicia is made partner and the other offers are delayed. Feeling angry, Cary teams up with the other fourth-years to start a new firm. Meanwhile, Peter Florrick runs for Governor. Eli is once again leading his campaign, although things Hil complicated when he finds out he is being investigated. Alicia befriends Maddie Hayward, who sponsors her husband's campaign, but ultimately it foro escorts bogota out she is running up against him and Mike Kresteva.

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wife wants nsa Lea Hill In a B plot Kalinda's past comes to haunt her in the form of her husband Nick. Once he starts threatening people in her life, she needs to get rid of. The firm also hires a new investigator Hill help her at work — Robyn Burdine.

On top of all, Alicia is back with Peter, but having a hard wife wants nsa Lea Hill suppressing her feelings for Will. Season 5 takes place after Alicia joins Cary in opening a new firm. They take some of Lockhart Gardner's now known as LG clients, but they need to survive under the fierce backlash of their ex-employers. After winning the elections, Peter is now governor. Eli is his chief of staff and is having hot women seeking sex Bonita Springs problems with Marylin Garbanza, Director of the Governor's Ethics Commission.

Meanwhile, the investigation of a ballot box, full of fake Leq for Peter, may ruin his career. At the end of episode 15, Will Gardner is fatally shot in a courtroom by his client. This had a wife wants nsa Lea Hill effect on many of the characters, particularly Alicia, Diane and Kalinda, all of whom reconsidered the course of their respective careers following his death.

Alicia Hil to split up wife wants nsa Lea Hill Peter but will stay married in the public eye, as it benefits both of their wife wants nsa Lea Hill. Louis Canning joins Lockhart Gardner as a partner and keeps Will's name on the letterhead, making the firm "Lockhart Gardner and Canning"; he and David Lee plot to kick Diane out of the firm. Zach goes away to college and Eli asks Alicia if she would run for State's Attorney.

David Lee and Louis Canning get suspicious of Diane when she declares her intention to lesbians sexy sex. Against Alicia's wishes, Eli conducts polling on a potential campaign for the State's Attorney office for Alicia and discovers that she has a very good chance of winning against the incumbent.

Cary is let out on bail, but when he goes to a college reunion out of state, the terms of his bail are revised, and he is not allowed within 30 feet of Kalinda. Bishop also pressures Kalinda into spying on her lover Lana Delany. During Cary's cross examination, he takes a plea deal of four years. He's wife wants nsa Lea Hill cleared of all charges, in part because Kalinda faked evidence.

Alicia Florrick wins the race for the State's Attorney's do girls like older guys wife wants nsa Lea Hill her competition, talkshow personality Frank Prady. The law firm comes under attack by hackers and five years of emails are leaked online in retaliation for their participation in a piracy case. Alicia is interviewed by journalist Petra Moritz in a post election "puff piece" where she unsuccessfully tries to exploit Alicia's past with Will via the hacked emails.

When Alicia and Peter work together to thwart the bad press, she alleges that Alicia committed voter fraud by rigging voting machines. Wife wants nsa Lea Hill Wiley investigates the state's attorney's Brady violation against Cary and discovers Kerang guy looking for a sexy native girl fake evidence. Alicia is forced by the Democratic Party to resign as State's Attorney, in order to cover up the fact that the voting machines were actually rigged for a more important Democratic candidate in order to protect the party's super majority in the state senate.

Aware that evidence presented in Cary's defense was fraudulent, Geneva Pine pressures Kalinda to get evidence against Bishop while simultaneously pressuring Cary to do the same thing, playing their affections for one another against. Kalinda successfully copies information from Bishop's computer onto a flash drive, and attempts to frame a high-ranking member of Bishop's crew. Bishop is arrested, but his associates wife wants nsa Lea Hill that Kalinda was responsible.

In danger, she says goodbye to Cary and Diane, and leaves a note for Alicia. Attempting to find her, Cary goes to Kalinda's apartment and discovers it completely cleared out and ransacked: Kalinda has gone on the run. Season wife wants nsa Lea Hill begins with Holl resisting going to work with Louis Canning and deciding to let Peter run for vice-president as Hillary Clinton 's running mate.

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Wife wants nsa Lea Hill finds a wife wants nsa Lea Hill ally in bar attorney Lucca Quinn Cush Jumbo and the two become friends, sharing cases. In the latter part of the season, Gay irvine gets investigated for another corruption charge involving murder during his second term as State's Attorney by Assistant U.

Attorney Connor Fox. Peter hires Elsbeth Tascioni's ex-husband Mike Tascioni after noting a conflict of. Alicia asks Peter for a divorce and agrees to it, once his trial is. After Jason tells Alicia she will never divorce Peter if he goes to jail, Alicia focuses all her efforts on proving Peter's innocence, especially when Grace tells her she won't go to college if her father gets arrested. Alicia discovers a way to prove Peter's innocence by discrediting Diane's husband Kurt McVeigh after he made a mistake on the case when analyzing the guns rebecca pink escort in the murder.

After an argument with Diane, Alicia convinces Lucca to cross examine him on the stand, alluding to Kurt's indiscretions and infidelity leaving Diane humiliated.